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6th Annual Day of Hope
“An opportunity to share God’s love for all of us and our love for others.”

On Saturday, July 22, 2017, Church of the Palms sponsored (along with Hope Kids Community) its 6th Annual Day of Hope. This was an all-day event (9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.) to assist 250 students and their families or guardians. Such numbers mean that Church of the Palms was embarking upon an enormous undertaking, with its vision being “to serve the children in our community who are the financially neediest. Some are living in cars, shelters, the street and many in great need for the basic items to begin the first day of school.” Volunteers escorted each child throughout the day.
The “Back to School” basics included the following:

  • Medical Exam
  • Eye Exam
  • Dental check up, flossing, cleaning instructions
  • Haircut
  • Back to school photos and family portrait
  • $50 Gift card from Bealls for new clothes/uniforms
  • $25 Gift card from Payless for new shoes
  • New Backpack filled with needed school supplies
  • Care bag filled with personal care items

Day of Hope also involved the community by having:

  • A Fire Department - to provide information on fire safety at home and at school
  • A Sheriff/Police Department - to provide child safety photo (ID) and finger printing

Throughout the day, Day of Hope at Church of the Palms served all the children and their families or guardians:

  • Breakfast, followed by a mid-morning snack
  • Lunch, followed by an afternoon snack

It is important to note that most of the children who arrived for the Day of Hope at COP were carefully identified by the counseling staff from our neighborhood school, Wilkinson Elementary. Staff members distributed invitations to eligible students. That invitation was extended to siblings regardless of what school they attend. Each child that heads to COP received a voucher that allowed him or her to receive every one of the services that were provided during a very busy day at Church of the Palms.

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