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About Honduras
Honduras is one of the original five Central American provinces (Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica) that chose, after gaining independence from Spain in 1821, to remain individually independent. Honduras is a country of almost 8 million people with over 50 percent of the people under the age of 18. Although roughly half the population still lives in rural areas, the country is experiencing the fastest urbanization rates in Central America and San Pedro Sula is one of the fastest-growing cities in Latin America.
The municipality of El Progreso is located in the Honduran department of Yoro and has population of approximately 100,800. Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport is located in San Pedro Sula, about a 30-minute drive from El Progreso. El Progreso is located at a crossroads. Due to its strategic location, many travelers or tourists pass through El Progreso in one way or another. For that reason, El Progreso is considered a city of extreme importance in Honduras.

What’s Involved?

You are being given the opportunity to offer one week of your time and talent to being part of a short-term mission team.

The Gifts You Receive
Whether the tools for your trip are hammers and saws or crayons and construction paper, you will find that God will use you in ways you never imagined and the gifts you will receive in return are shared laughter that knows no language, smiles on people’s faces that come from the soul and the joy of seeing God at work with the people He loves.

What Is The Cost?
The experience is priceless but the estimated cost in dollars is approximately $1,000. This includes airfare, all meals and lodging while in Honduras, ground transportation to and from the point of departure in the U.S. and all transportation in Honduras.
The Medical Brigade will offer fundamental health screening which is often unavailable to many of the poor in Honduras. A Medical
Team from Sarasota will travel to some remote villages located in the mountains about five hours from San Pedro Sula.
There they will perform basic health exams, distribute essential medications to treat common ailments such as headaches and diarrhea. While the medical team examines the adults, a VBS Team will share the Good News with the children through songs, games, art and Bible story dramas. The Construction Team will return to Miqueas 6:8 orphanage located a short distance outside of El Progreso. They will build furniture for the main residence that houses 38 children along with Jacob and Melody Cherian, the directors and parents. Miqueas exists as a family that strives to break the cycles of poverty and injustice.
The Centro Cristiano de Servicios Humanitario de Honduras (CCSHH) is an independent, non-denominational medical mission with a ministry to provide quality ophthalmology and dental services to poor Hondurans. The clinic was established in 1997 by Doug and Maxine Perry with the assistance of Medical Ministry International (MMI). Doug had retired from his ophthalmology practice in Sarasota to go into full-time medical missionary work. Over the past 20 years CCSHH has developed into a successful and ever-growing Christian facility that has provided quality ophthalmic and dental care to over 200,000 patients who are unable to afford medical services elsewhere.

How Do I Sign Up?
Complete the Mission Trip Interest Questionnaire indicating your desired involvement and return it by Sunday, October 16, 2016. Place the completed form in an envelope addressed to Honduras Mission Trip 2017, turn it in at the front desk in the Administration Building or give it to Maxine Perry. You will be contacted about the next steps! Max can be reached at if you have any questions.
(Important note: If you are planning to take part in one of the February trips, check your passport now and make sure that it does not expire before August 2017. If you need to apply for a passport or renew the one you have, start that process immediately.)


Why Honduras?
“There are so many needs right here in our own community that are not being met. Couldn’t we use our resources better here at home?” Caring for the needs in our community has always been a primary focus at COP, but Christ’s command to his disciples is to “go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation” and so we go! Born out of our commitment to support the ministry of the eye and dental clinic founded by the Perrys in 1997, we have taken almost 20 short-term mission trips to Honduras since 2006.

Dates To Remember
The trips will run back-to-back with the Medical Team going from February 18-22 and the Construction Team following from February 18-25, 2017. There will be an introductory meeting on December 11 and a preparation meeting on January 8 held at Church of the Palms. Attendance at these team formation meetings is required.

1 Trip Interest Questionnaire
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