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Frequently I find postings or sayings around the internet that Illustrate or at least punctuate what I am feeling and often times writing about. Today I write about an illustration I saw a few days ago that demonstrated perfectly how I feel much of the time. I find my mind going back to it, and as I got out of the shower today, I decided that regardless of how I was feeling, today I was going to try to represent to the world – and in doing so, to myself – the real deal! The shiny apple: sweet, red, juicy, and ready to be appreciated by anyone interested in it. Weird, I know … but let me explain.

For years I have had a personal belief that says, no matter how you feel, shake it off and keep moving. I think it is part of my Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up, and never Give Up philosophy that you can use to fool others about what is really going on in your life – and by doing so – also fool yourself. At least for a while! Over the past few years as a full-time caregiver, I have felt many times like a half-eaten apple. Lumpy, jagged, dried out, turning brown, and coming close to dropping my seeds. Used, maybe; depleted of any real remaining value certainly! And by the time the pandemic was in full swing, a look in the mirror told me I was not even trying to hide it! My reflection was now rarely of someone who had it pulled together; and as my hair grew longer and my gray became more pronounced, I think for a while I stopped trying to fool even myself. While I have not felt like a shiny new crisp apple for years, I haven’t looked like one either for some time now! When I saw the above picture posted, it occurred to me – that is on me. This appearance is not circumstance as much as it is choice, and I have a lot of control over trying to get back to seeing a better apple in the glass.

This morning, I took more time with my hair. I put on some foundation and blush. I added earrings and my rings and watch. I put on a nice sweater with my jeans. Finally, I added a smile. Not sure if I will see anyone else all day. But when I looked into the mirror, I saw a better apple!

Even now that COVID concerns seem to be a thing of the past, there are days I do not leave the house. But sprucing up still manages to lift my mood. How about you? Do you have some thoughts on this? Is it a way to lift you or is it just one more thing that needs to be done today?

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