honoring their life


We’ll work with you to schedule a date and time for your remembrance and celebration. We’ll also help you determine which of our worship spaces best meets your wishes and needs.

One of our pastors will consult with you to create a meaningful service, and attend to all of the details of the service. Whether in the chapel and sanctuary, this service may include hymns, scripture, prayers, a sermon or a brief homily. There’s the opportunity for a more informal celebration of life in the Campus Center. You may want to have someone offer a eulogy or have people share their memories of the life of your loved one.

  • We’ll provide a guest book and have staff and ushers on hand to help seat your friends and family during the service.
  • We’ll create a worship program and provide the appropriate number of copies. If you plan to designate the church of any other organization for memorial contributions, we will be happy to include that information in the program.
  • You’re welcome to have flowers delivered. They can be placed in front of the communion table.
  • Should your loved one be a veteran you can place a folded American flag in front of the communion table.
  • Any fraternal, civic or military rites should be conducted elsewhere.
  • A closed casket or sealed urn may be included in the service. 
  • We’ll set up a place in the foyer or reception area for the purpose of displaying personal pictures and memorabilia.
  • If you’d like to have a reception following the service, we have several lovely rooms available for your use; however, please be aware taht an outside caterer has to be used to provide food in the Palms Center and you will pay them directly.  The cost for a reception in the Campus Center will be food cost only (for Church of the Palms members). Please contact Kathy Robinett if you would like to have a reception in the Campus Center and she can help you with the necessary arrangements. 

    Kathy Robinett: or 941.924.1323 ext. 229


  • Chapel or Sanctuary
    No cost for members
  • Chapel
  • Sanctuary
  • Reception
    No cost for members
  • Reception_Palms Center
  • Reception_Campus Center
  • Audio/Video Technician (Sanctuary)


  • Pastor
    Family’s Discretion
  • Organist
  • Soloist
(Checks should be made payable to & given directly to the individual. We’ll provide you with a list of names)

For more information please contact Annie Marlow: or 941.9241323 ext. 212

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