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Sundays: 9am and 11am


Our 9 am and 11 am TRADITIONAL SERVICES are held in the Sanctuary. These two services feature a traditional Presbyterian liturgy. Several minutes prior to the beginning of worship on the hour, our Prayer of Invocation and Prelude take place in order to allow time for preparation and quiet reflection. You’ll find that many of our families attend the 9 am service which includes a children’s moment. The 11 am service is quieter and probably less fun for children. You’ll find most people in both of these services dressed in business casual clothes, slacks, collared shirts, casual dresses etc., but you are welcome in whatever you are most comfortable wearing.

In our TRADITIONAL SERVICES, the music is varied and dynamic including several choirs, a beautiful organ, a grand piano, and a handbell choir; as well as soloists and guest musicians. With partnerships with some of Sarasota’s most prestigious choral groups and musicians, every Sunday is an emotionally compelling experience.


Sundays: 9am
Campus Center

Our 9 am CONTEMPORARY SERVICE is held in the Campus Center. This service has a warm, familial feeling to it, and every Sunday there’s a chance to experience God and connect with one another through shared prayers, laughter, art, and other creative expressions. Most people attending this service wear casual, comfortable clothing…jeans, shorts, tee-shirts etc. Come as you are.

In the CONTEMPORARY SERVICE, the music is energetic and powerful, featuring several instruments and vocalists as well as a compelling worship leader.



We have a hearing loop for those wearing hearing aids. Just switch hearing aids to T Call.

Handicapped accessible

Both the sanctuary and the Campus Center are handicapped accessible with handicap accessible bathrooms.

Large Print

Versions of our bulletin are available in the 9am and 11am services for those who have left their readers at home!



We sit right on Bee Ridge Road on the south side right at the intersection with Lockwood Ridge.

This makes us very central in Sarasota county…right smack-dab in the middle of the community we love.


There is a large paved parking lot on the west side of our campus with handicapped parking located close to the Sanctuary, the Campus Center and the Palms Center.


For more information about us visit:

Campus Center Sanctuary Administration Building Courtyard

If you’re coming for the Contemporary service:

Campus Center

If you’re coming for the 9am and 11am Traditional services:


If you need to drop off a child in the nursery or pick your kids up from kid’s worship or small groups:

Education Building (the only two story building on campus)


Our celebrated youth and family ministry is bustling on Sunday mornings!

  • If you join us for the 9am services, your children will join you for the first 15-20 minutes of the service. There are children’s bulletins on the right side of the main doors to keep them happy and occupied! In the Sanctuary, children are invited to the front for the children’s moment and then are guided to the education building where they join our team of leaders for kid’s worship until 10am.You can pick them up at 11am.
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