at Church of the Palms


As Jesus said in reference to the parable of the Talents,
“a spiritual as well as a material investment is required.”

In order to provide a legal, perpetuating institution by which members and friends may make gifts of money or property to enhance the effectiveness of the Church, the session has authorized the establishment of “The Foundation of the Church of the Palms.” This not-for-profit Foundation was incorporated in 1983 and qualifies as a tax-exempt organization. The corporation is administered by a board of seven directors who are members of the Church of the Palms.

The Foundation, now exceeding 7 million, consists of gifts and bequests, which are invested to produce income and growth. The funds are to be distributed in accordance with The Articles of Incorporation, which states that the funds are to be used as permitted under section 501(c) (3) of the IRS Code, and that none of the principal, nor the income there from shall be used for the operating expenses of the Church. The Foundation funds are used to support unusual Mission Benevolences, Capital Improvements to the Church or its facilities, special community concerns or other specific purposes designated by individual donors or endowments. The Foundation Board of Directors meets regularly to review requests and make prayerful decisions on the use of the unrestricted income.

The Foundation has two major advantages:

  1. 1. Members and friends of the Church can give their substance for the Lord’s work in a way that assures continuity.
  2. 2. It can provide income for church under takings, which are separate and above the normal budgeted financial needs.


The best use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it. Your gift can be a living Memorial in your name or in the name of your family or loved one. You can provide for their continued remembrance through a gift to the church. At the same time, you share your faith. Indeed, Christian work will continue in your name long after you are gone.

All of us are in debt to the past. We drink from wells we have not dug; enjoy liberties we have not won; share our democracy resting on foundations of faith and sacrifice others gave.

We can share our faith in appreciation for all we have received so freely. We can establish Christian programs so others may know Christ for generations to come.

Please call the Church Office to arrange a meeting with a Foundation board member for more information regarding making lifetime or deferred gifts to the Foundation.

  1. The Foundation for the Church of the Palms provided the seed money to build the church’s first Habitat-for-Humanity house in Jordan’s Crossing.
  2. The popular and growing Contemporary Worship Service was made possible by a grant from the Foundation to renovate the Campus Center.
  3. Upgrade of TV Ministry Equipment.


Chris Bonnet


David MacMillan


Sonja Veal-Volino


Marlene Petro


Leslie Jeffrey


Bruce Steves


Stephen D. McConnell

Ex Officio

Bill Reynolds