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What Will Your Legacy Be?

"We sit in the shade of trees we did not plant. We draw from wells we did not dig." – Rev. Peter Raible

Through the Foundation for The Church of the Palms, members and friends can make gifts of lasting impact and meaning; gifts which extend far beyond their own lifetime.

To support the Church of the Palms in their mission to love God and love neighbor, the Foundation provides an additional meaningful opportunity for members and friends to make gifts of money or property beyond their annual generosity contribution(s).

Gifts allow the Church’s work to continue for years and years to come.

* These gifts are carefully invested to produce growth.

* They are not used for the operating expenses of the church.

Rather, these gifts equip the Church to reach further and do more.

Making the hard to imagine happening, happen.

Making the impossible, possible.

Providing Life Changing Support for Local, Regional and International Mission Partners

Recently this included funding the purchase of an industrial freezer for mission partner Mision Peniel. The last Sunday a team from Church of the Palms served at Mision Peniel that freezer made it possible to distribute: 859 lbs frozen meat, 400 lbs juice, 1,200 lbs fresh produce and 540 hot meals.

Supporting Major Campus Improvements Including The Palms Center

This is more than a building, it's an invitation to our community. Not only has it proven to be a safe and welcoming place for children from the community surrounding The Church of the Palms, but it also regularly hosts a wide variety of activities. These activities include: yoga, youth group, pickleball, basketball, trivia night and dances.

Helping Realize Other Special Community and Donor Concerns

This has taken many forms including the continuing education of church pastors and staff.

This generosity allows the Church of the Palms to Love God and Love Neighbor in powerful and substantial ways that would otherwise not be possible.

Those who make such provisions are celebrated by THE LEGACY SOCIETY.


The Legacy Society celebrates those whose planned giving provides for the support of the Foundation and the ongoing work of Church of the Palms to love God and love neighbor. 

In a time when church attendance is declining, Church of the Palms is growing. We find ourselves in a position to extend God’s love into our community in significant ways. This is in no small part thanks to the generous members of The Legacy Society. Their generous gifts have allowed us to do more and to give more. We celebrate them.

Those who Include Church of the Palms in their Gift and Estate Plans are sharing their faith; putting it into action in powerful and world changing ways.  Whether it is an outright gift or a future provision, members of the Legacy Society have ensured that The Church of the Palms can continue to grow in its ability to Love God and Love Neighbor. 

Should you be interested in exploring your legacy opportunities, contact: Pastor Stephen D. McConnell @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 941-924-1323 ext. 209

How Do I Qualify For Membership In The Legacy Society?

There are several ways to qualify for membership: By making an outright gift of money, land, stock, insurance, copyright, oil rights … or … an undivided fractional interest. … By revising an existing Will, or making a new one directing a percentage, fixed amount, or contingency statement, which will direct an eventual gift to the endowment fund. … By naming the endowment fund as primary or secondary beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. … By naming the Church or the Foundation as primary or secondary beneficiary on a bank account payable on delivery at death (POD) on transfer on death a brokerage account (TOD)…By creating a Life Income Program through the establishment of a Charitable Remainder Unitrust, Charitable Annuity Trust, Charitable Lead Trust, or Life Estate. … Or By making an annual contribution over and above present annual stewardship giving.

What Gifts Are Appropriate?

The Church and the Foundation have adopted a Gift Acceptance Policy that provides guidelines for staff and Foundation Directors. This policy describes the type of gifts that may be accepted, the manner in which they may be accepted, and is structured to protect the Church and the Foundation, as well as carry out the intent of the donor.

What Is The Difference Between A Planned Gift And A Deferred Gift?

A planned gift can be a current or a deferred gift. A deferred gift essentially means that the Church and/or the Foundation will not receive the benefits of the gift until sometime in the future. Planned Gifts are generally made from one’s accumulated assets in a carefully considered manner and in an amount that expresses one’s commitment … but does not impair the family’s financial well-being. This means giving at the appropriate time, considering personal and family requirements, the church’s needs, and tax considerations. It also involves deciding on the best asset to give whether it is in the form of securities, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, or cash. At a basic level, deferred giving means writing a will and including the church, and it may also include a gift of stocks, bonds or real estate made in a way that provides life income and/or immediate tax benefits.

How Does Church Of The Palms Handle Gifts?

If neither the Church or the Foundation is specifically designated as the recipient of an unrestricted bequest, current policy is that the first $100,000 accumulated in any given fiscal year goes to the Church operating budget and all monies above that go to a general endowment managed by the Foundation. Will Church of the Palms or the Foundation provide or recommend an attorney to help members with their planning?

The Church cannot provide tax or legal advice and highly recommends that you seek the advice of your own professional counsel. Neither can we recommend an attorney, but we may be able to suggest how you go about it.



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The Foundation for The Church of the Palms is an independent not-for-profit , tax-exempt 501© (3) organization is administered by the board of seven directors, all of whom are members of The Church of the Palms.