Wednesdays • Dinner @ 5:30 pm • Class @ 6:30 pm

Campus Center

Wednesday Night Life: The Road Less Traveled – Studies in the Gospel of Matthew

Wednesday Night Life: The Road Less Traveled: Studies in the Gospel of Matthew. Join Dr. Stephen McConnell as we explore the first (but not the oldest) Gospel in the New Testament. We will approach Matthew’s story of Jesus in search of the way of life (the road less traveled) that Jesus invites us to share with him. Make sure to join a Life Together Group which will discuss each week’s class. Join us online or in person.

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Small Group Questions

  1. What struggles have you experienced in your family over religious differences?
  2. Tell of a time when you had an intensely joyous experience of the presence of God.
  3. How do feel about Joseph getting more attention rather than Mary, the mother of Jesus?
  4. How do feel about the slaughter of the innocent children by King Herod in chapter 2 of the Gospel according to Matthew? Can you think of any such comparable events today?


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