Dimitrie Todorov Talks the Youth Outreach of OneHope Bulgaria

Dimitrie Todorov’s youth outreach at OneHope Bulgaria is just one of the many worldwide missions Church of the Palms supports! Check out this interview where he walked us through some of …

Head, Heart & Hands | Teaching Today’s Youth

Our “Head, Heart & Hands” theme is all about the unexpected ways God works through us and in us, and our volunteers with the Youth program are no exception! Check out what they had to…

Pastor Hmingi’s Family Christmas Traditions

Pastor Hmingi Browne has funny stories and insights about the Christmas season.

Pastor Laurie’s Family Christmas Tradition

We sat down with Pastor Laurie to learn about one of her family’s favorite Christmas traditions.

Talking Generosity with the Gerzenys

How much of a difference can one person really make? We sat down with Beth & Ruben Gerzeny to talk about what giving and volunteering at Church of the Palms has meant to them for so m…


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