A Heart for Serving Youth

What talents do you have to share? Hear from Dee Webber, who was a beloved member of our church family, about her community involvement, the impact she had on others, and the impact it ha…

Dimitrie Todorov Talks the Youth Outreach of OneHope Bulgaria

Dimitrie Todorov’s youth outreach at OneHope Bulgaria is just one of the many worldwide missions Church of the Palms supports! Check out this interview where he walked us through some of …

Find Your Fit with the Volunteer Accelerator!

Pastor Hmingi is on the search for a new way to serve!

Head, Heart & Hands | Diving into the Word

Our Wednesday morning Men’s Group has been studying the Bible since before we were officially a church, and it highlights the ways the Word brings us knowledge and understanding. Check ou…

Head, Heart & Hands | Teaching Today’s Youth

Our “Head, Heart & Hands” theme is all about the unexpected ways God works through us and in us, and our volunteers with the Youth program are no exception! Check out what they had to…

Head, Heart & Hands | What Does Generosity Mean to You?

We continue our Head, Heart & Hands interview series with a highlight on GENEROSITY, and what it means to our church members!

Inside the Church of the Palms Food Pantry

The Church of the Palms Food Pantry has been made available to those in need for years, serving more than 100 clients in a single day. Keeping this ministry going is no easy task, and it’…

Making an Impact through Guardian Ad Litem

We sat down with Marsha and Kyle Quattlebaum to talk about their involvement in the Guardian Ad Litem program, and why service is important to their faith!

Pastor Hmingi’s Family Christmas Traditions

Pastor Hmingi Browne has funny stories and insights about the Christmas season.

Pastor Laurie’s Family Christmas Tradition

We sat down with Pastor Laurie to learn about one of her family’s favorite Christmas traditions.

Senior Well-Being Lecture Series: Legal Concerns When Facing a Life-Changing Illness

Did you know our Senior Well-Being series is a great way to stay educated and informed? Check out this lecture from Jami Worley, VA-Accredited attorney, on Florida’s laws and how they aff…

Senior Well-Being Lecture Series: Medicine Mayhem

Our Senior Well-Being Lecture Series continues with this lesson from Dr. Rivera all about medicine and treatments!

Talking Generosity with the Gerzenys

How much of a difference can one person really make? We sat down with Beth & Ruben Gerzeny to talk about what giving and volunteering at Church of the Palms has meant to them for so m…

Teaching God’s Love with Sally Nunemaker

Everyone Has a Fruitful Story. What’s Yours? Sally Nunemaker shares how she found her calling in the Tutoring and Family Ministry programs at Church of the Palms.

Senior Well-Being Lecture Series: Veterans’ Service Benefits and How to Find Help

Are you a veteran, or care for someone who is? Are you aware of all the VA benefits you are entitled to as you age? Learn about the VA’s Aid and Attendance Long-Term Care Program, Medical…

Gather & Grow: Praying in Color Week 2 | April 30, 2023

Have you ever tried out Lectio Divina in one of our classes? Author Sybil MacBeth gave us her perspective on the power or prayer through Lectio Divina in this very special Gather & Gr…

Celebrate Your Gifts on Pentecost Sunday!

Pentecost Sunday is coming up on May 28th, and we’re asking our church members to share the gifts that make them unique! You can sign up to be a participant, or enjoy the many arts, foods…

Gather & Grow: Practicing Sabbath with J. Dana Trent | May 7, 2023

Check out our recent Gather & Grow with J. Dana Trent all about Sabbath!

What Has Church of the Palms Meant to You? | Senior Sunday 2023

Check out what our Seniors had to say about the church’s impact on their lives!

30 Years of the Sanctuary

April 18th is the 30th Anniversary of our Sanctuary! We put together this video to commemorate the years this building has housed worship, music, lessons and so many memories…

Palliative Care & Hospice Workshop | Senior Well-Being

Join the conversation with this important and informative class all about end-of-life care in our community.
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