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If you are like me, you have probably heard this more than once – “if you have seen one case of dementia you have seen one case of dementia”!

No two people living with dementia today experience the same symptoms, progression, or quality of life.  There are no guidebooks that map out the journey ahead nor is there much in the way of on-going support for their caregivers who are trying to find a way through it.  I get that.  I do.  But where do we caregivers go when we are depleted?  How do we find strength to face another day?  Why aren’t there more answers to our questions?  How do we best deal with the daily uncertainty of being a caregiver?

It has taken me a while to figure this all out, but I have come to believe this is what community is all about. I have found it is with other caregivers that I find love, acceptance, comfort, information, ideas, and support on the bad days.

We belong to a large community of other caregivers who have either in the past or are now finding their way while caring for a loved one living with dementia. I also find that what I have experienced and learned along my journey can actually help others on the same path. And every time I have the opportunity to do so, I am again reminded that I am not alone.  Far from it!

How we deal with all of these issues within our caregiver community is up for discussion.

If there are few right and wrong answers, it is our experiences that are most helpful.  While what works for one might not work for another, the more people within the community who are looking at the problem, the quicker a solution can be found. The more a caregiver gives a perspective different from my own, the sooner I will find a better way to think about something.  The more I feel safe to share my fears, the sooner I will realize that my feelings are valid and be able to face that fear honestly.  And hopefully I will become comfortable enough in this community to sometimes laugh with and find joy in the stories I read here!

Caregivers, giving other caregivers hope!  Loving God, Loving Neighbor.

Each week we’ll add a post to ask a question or share an observation.  Feel free to comment, disagree, confirm, or add to an idea.  Most things related to caregiving are up for discussion.  May our discussions be healthy, honest, supportive, and loving!

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