restore, regroup and reconnect

“I never thought I would say I went to church to hear the sermon ... BUT Church of the Palms is the exception. Yes, the facility is beautiful. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The friendship which you feel upon entering the campus is unmatched at any other church I have ever attended. All of that is wonderful and inspiring, however the sermons by Dr. Stephen McConnell are masterpieces. You don't feel he is "preaching". He is "conversing" -- not with the congregation but with each individual within the range of his voice. He truly introduces you to Christ and his Teachings in a way that penetrates deeply into your mind ... and heart.”


We believe that God gave us music to glorify Him, and to share with one another. He gave us music to celebrate our good days and comfort us on our hard days. He gave us all of this to bring us closer to him.

With partnerships with some of Sarasota’s most prestigious choral groups and musicians, every Sunday is an emotionally compelling experience.

In our TRADITIONAL SERVICES, the music is varied and dynamic including several choirs, a beautiful organ, a grand piano, and a handbell choir; as well as soloists and guest musicians.

In the CONTEMPORARY SERVICE, the music is energetic and powerful, featuring several instruments and vocalists as well as a compelling worship leader. What’s more, it’s not uncommon to find guest musicians…a drumline one Sunday and a brass section the next.


Our 9 am and 11 am TRADITIONAL SERVICES are held in the Sanctuary. These two services feature a traditional Presbyterian liturgy. You’ll find that many of our families attend the 9 am service which includes a children’s moment. The 11 am service is quieter and probably less fun for children. You’ll find most people in both of these services dressed in business casual clothes…slacks, collared shirts, casual dresses etc., but you are welcome in whatever you are most comfortable wearing.

Our 10 am CONTEMPORARY SERVICE is held in the Campus Center. This service has a warm, familial feeling to it, and every Sunday there’s a chance to experience God and connect with one another through shared prayers, laughter, art, and other creative expressions. Most people attending this service wear casual, comfortable clothing…jeans, shorts, tee-shirts etc. Come as you are.

All three services are grounded in excellent, challenging, and thought-provoking preaching.