growing in faith


Our Mission: Helping Families Grow and Connect with Christ and Others; embracing who God created us to be.


Loving Care in the Nursery (Birth - PK) 8:45am-11:15am

Drop-Off and Pick-Up - Education Bldg. Rm. 103

Families start in worship together

9am (Sanctuary-Traditional)

10am (Campus Center-Contemporary)

Just before the sermon, children from Kindergarten-5th will be escorted to IMPACT KIDS-an age-appropriate Bible lesson, with activities, games and discussion!

Children can be picked up right after the Worship Service on the second floor of the Education Building in Rm. 205. 


Join us

Join your family in worship on Sunday mornings!

Here are some conversations you can have around the sermon:

     * What did you hear in sermon that stood out to you today?

     * What was the main point?

     * What will you do with it this week?


Middle School Youth Group - Wednesdays from 6pm - 8pm 

High School Youth Group - Sundays from 6pm - 8pm 


Back to Basics Tutoring began in 1992 to provide supplemental academic help to 12 students from our church. Since then, the program has grown to over 125 students from all over Sarasota county.

Back to Basics offers students one hour, one-on-one tutoring sessions that can make a tremendous difference in their achievements at school.

Tutors volunteer to help the students from one hour a week to up to six hours a week.

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Our Philosophy

It is the philosophy of the Palms Preschool to welcome families, children and staff of all faiths, creed and ethnic origins to the program. We are committed to offering a safe, caring, and stimulating educational environment. Children have the opportunity to explore and learn by experiencing creative, hands-on age appropriate educational activities presented by nurturing and professional staff. We offer a multi-faceted program where open communication between families and staff is promoted in order to help each child reach their potential and share the gifts that God has given them.

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